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Communication Milestones: 13 to 18 Months

Children develop at different rates and each may meet milestones earlier or later than others, even within the same family. If your child does not meet many of the milestones, contact a certified speech-language pathologist or audiologist for an assessment.

  • Looks around when asked "Where" questions, such as, "Where's your teddy bear?"

  • Follow directions such as, "Give me the sippy cup," "Come here," or "Give your teddy bear a hug."

  • Points to comment, to make requests, or to get information.

  • Shakes their head for "No" and nods their head for "Yes."

  • Understands and uses some words for common items, some actions, and people in their lives.

  • Identifies one or more body parts.

  • Uses gestures when excited, like clapping or high-fiving, or when acting silly, like making funny faces or sticking out their tongue.

  • Uses a combination of long strings of sounds, syllables, and real words with speech-like inflection.


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