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Literacy Skills by Grade: Fifth Grade

Elementary school is over and summer break is here for your fifth grader. They've reached a big milestone on their academic journey. Are their literacy skills strong for a fifth grade student?

According to the American Speech Hearing Association*, fifth graders should read many types of writing and be able to tell how both character and plot develop. They should read poetry and discuss the styles and meanings of the works. They should learn about authors' styles and their use of words. To back up their opinions, they should be able to point to newspapers, magazines, internet articles and reference books. Also, they should decide which parts of a writing are the most important to read.

When writing, expect a fifth grader to write for many different reasons. They should choose their words well, taking care to find the words that are appropriate for the meanings they are trying to convey. Their sentences should be varied and detailed. Fifth graders should be able to edit and revise their writing for clarity on both paper and computer. They should use a computer to write short stories, email to friends and family, and maybe even a blog post.

Has your fifth grader met these literacy progression milestones? If not, use summer break as a time to enhance their literacy skills and prepare them for junior high school.

* "Watch My Literacy Skills Grow: Fifth Grade.", American Speech Hearing Association. 6 June 2018.

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